• Caleb Meriwether

Happy (re)New(al) Year!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Haven! We wish you and yours a healthy 2022. Speaking of you and yours, Haven works with many different brokers and companies to find the coverage you need - specific to this article, life insurance and pet insurance.

Life insurance generally comes in two forms: term and whole life. A term insurance policy will pay a set amount if a death occurs during a set period of time, e.g. a million dollar, ten year term policy would pay a million dollars if a death occurred during a 10 year period. A whole life policy will pay a set amount whenever a death occurs. There are all types of variations of each of the policies, with some being tied to the markets, some allowing you to build cash value, and some allowing you to borrow against the policy. Your age, your health, your financial situation, and your dependents will also impact what type of policy would be the best fit. We are ready to help you evaluate your options.

Pet insurance is a relatively new product to the marketplace. Perhaps that is because, as an elderly gentleman once told me, "when I was young, dogs didn't tear their ACLs or get cancer." But nowadays, our pets most certainly do come with medical care costs. And the industry is ever specializing, which can lead to increased cost. Pet insurance, much like our health insurance, comes in a variety of options - high deductible, catastrophic, preventative, etc. Costing a few hundred dollars a year, this coverage provides you with cost-effective peace of mind that you can offer your pet the treatment they need, without incurring a major impact to your financial condition. Each plan is a little bit different and your needs will depend on your specific situation.

If you have a need for life insurance or pet insurance, visit and give one of our agents a call.

And again, Happy Holidays!