• Caleb Meriwether

Happy Re(New)al Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Haven! We are excited about 2021 and the opportunity to work with you for your commercial and personal insurance needs. We've added agents, moved into a new office - 204 East Lafayette, 38301 -and are ready work for you. As your insurance renewal date approaches, please keep us in mind. We have multiple carriers with what we have discovered are great rates in the personal and commercial insurance spaces. Quotes are free - and if we can't help you out, at least we can say it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Stated simply, a renewal is a continuation of a policy of insurance. There is often little to no action required on your part, especially for those policies set on automatic payments. It is not uncommon for the renewal rate on a policy to increase or decrease - meaning your premium payments may go up. It could be that you had a loss on your policy, or perhaps your risk profile changed, or maybe the insurance company had to increase rates in Tennessee. What are your options?

One great advantage to being an independent insurance agency is that we can shop your insurance needs to many different carriers to find the right combination of coverage and price. So, if Company A raises rates in Tennessee or non-renews your insurance due to losses, we can look at moving your coverage to another company with little hassle to you.

Quoting your insurance needs can be quick and relatively pain-free. For basic personal lines - home and auto - we generally need your home address, your driver's license number, a picture of your vehicle's VIN, and a two minute conversation. Most of the commercial lines we quote are also quick and easy. We usually just need a declarations page or a summary of your insurance to start getting some indications back from our various carriers. Again, quoting is free and there is no obligation to bind coverage.

We at Haven look forward to working with you this year and in the years to come.

LEGAL JARGON DISCLAIMER: The foregoing is not legal advice. Even if you construe it that way, it’s probably only worth what you paid for it. I am an attorney but am not yours.

Whether you are a Haven client or not, I’m always available to discuss.